One month to go (27 days)

Hey, y’all a few days ago it was officially one month until I leave so I figured there was no time like the present to have a go at this whole blog thingo. It’s really crazy to think how close this all is, I remember when I first set my countdown there were 250 days to go and I was saying “oh that’s so close” (I was very wrong, 27 days is much closer.) I’ve been doing lots to prepare and have been spending a lot of time with the other exchange students and my sponsor club.

Rotary Meetings I’ve been attending lots of meetings at my sponsor club, I’ve loved attending meetings and really enjoy meeting everyone. On the 10th of December, we travelled to the Rotary Club of Narellan which is about an hour away. Here I got to tell another club about my exchange and I was also formally presented with my blazer. Every meeting I go to I have said a speech of some sorts typically about what’s happening with my exchange. It’s always interesting going to meetings, Windsor is an all-male club so it’s different being the only female majority of the time but this isn’t a bad thing!! I am so thankful that they gave me this amazing opportunity and I’m going to miss attending their meetings next year however I’m also excited to meet my host club. 

Exchange friends (?)  I’ve been spending a lot of time with the 2020 outbounds and the current inbounds that have been staying in the district both at Rotary events and in our own time. We had our exchange camp in August where we got to meet both inbounds and outbounds and also got the hoodie which anyone who has it will know is the best part (I’m pretty sure half of us lived in it for a while there.) We’ve also done stuff like go to Luna Park, Manly beach and the aquarium but these are in smaller groups. We had a training day on the 30th of November, which covered a lot of our prep for exchange and also meant we got our blazers (we all looked very cute in them) and our cards.

Preparation so far Anyone that knows me will know that I love lists, they are perhaps my favourite thing to exist. So as you can imagine I have made many lists leading up to exchange, there’s even a list of what lists I need to make… Currently, I have packed a lot of my winter clothes and started deciding on what I’m not bringing and what I am. I’ve purchased gifts for my host families however I’ll leave them out in case they read this ;).  I’ve also just started doing things that I won’t get to do next year, I’ve been at the beach a lot and have spent a lot of time with my friends. 

That just about sums up everything that I wanted to say, so I’ll stop it here to prevent me from rambling. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and forever thankful to my sponsor club and district and of course my host club and families. I’m aiming to blog as much as possible, so I’ll probably be sending out something soon with a final update before I leave (that still sounds weird to say.) 

Catch y’all later, Auf Wiedersehen 

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