Monthly Archives: February 2020

Skiing in Leukerbad

Hallo everyone, this weekend the 14th-16th of February my host family and I went to Leukerbad which is located in Southern Switzerland in Kanton Wallis which is in the middle of the Swiss alps (same kanton where my language camp was except higher up the mountains !!) We left mid-day Friday and arrived at 9:00pm… Read more »

First week of school & my Birthday

Seeing I can now officially say that I have started school I thought that I would write a blog about my experience at school so far. The name of my school is Kantonsschule am Burggraben which is located in the heart of St Gallen’s city meaning lunch is never boring. My first day I was… Read more »

Language Camp

Hallo, it is me again (well it’s my blog so that’s no surprise) I have officially been in Switzerland for 21 days and 7 hours not that I’m counting or anything …Despite being here for over two weeks I have literally had no time to stop due to departing for a 14-day language camp the… Read more »

I have arrived (two weeks ago but anyway)

Hallo, Hoi, Gruzei…. I am back with another blog and before you get too far into this one, I must warn it is long however worth the read if I do say so myself. Now I can officially say that my exchange has begun and well if I’m being completely honest it still doesn’t feel… Read more »